Terms and Conditions

This Agreement defines the terms of service Utama-Exchange.com services automated electronic exchange of currencies. Use of services of Utama-Exchange.com means the full consent of the client with this given Agreement. In case of disagreement with this Terms and Conditions, the client or customer has no right to make operation of an exchange in Utama-Exchange.com services. We have the right to change, update, revise or modify some terms in this Agreement. If you don't agree with the changed content, you shall cancel our service voluntarily. If you continue to use our service, it is regarded that you accept our amendment for service terms.


  • Utama-Exchange's exchange service provides its clients only automated electronic exchange between other online payment processing system.

  • In order to use the service, you must have at least two different online payment accounts, one of them must be PayCo.

  • This Agreement takes effect since you create a transaction with us.

  • This Agreement regulate the relationship between you and our company and substitute all the prior negotiations between us.

  • Our service may not apply to state laws in which the users live. Users should absolutely obey local law and take full responsibility.

  • This website and its content may not be copied or reproduced under any circumstances unless written permission has been given.

  • Utama-Exchange does not promote all e-currencies found on this website.

Terms in Doing Business with Us

  • You agree that we keep a record of the information you provide to us unless there are other statements.

  • We have the absolute right to decline to provide service to customers on the condition of no interpretation.

  • In order to process and finish the transaction, users have the right and obligation to provide effective and correct information.

  • We will not accept the transfer by a third party. Users must transfer to us in their own name to finish the transaction.

  • Users must guarantee that the funds transferred to us are their own property and have the right to dispose it.


  • We are only responsible for the funds transferred to you in this transaction. After transaction, we will not take responsibility for your future operation or use of the funds.

  • When users have paid for the transaction but the transaction has not been processed, please contact our customer support representatives. Or else, we will return your funds according to your payment information.

  • Administration of utama-exchange service is not responsible and does not cover losses caused by incorrect (unauthorized) use the service, as well as errors committed by the client in completing the forms of exchange, which could result in the transfer of funds to the wrong account.

  • Utama-exchange service is not a party in the relationship between the sender and receiver, and may not be the guarantor of the transactions between the sender and recipient of funds.

  • If it is impossible to complete the payment automatically (no connection to the billing system, not a confirmation of the payment system of payment, etc.), the exchange will be completed within 24 business hours or funds will be returned minus payment system fee.

AML Policy

  • Use of Service for carrying out of roguish and illegal operations is forbidden. Using Service, the client agrees that any attempt of an exchange of the roguish capital will have suit on all severity of the law.

  • Anti-money laundering policy: Client confirms that he has right to dispose of the funds on account. The source of funds used for payment transactions and the purpose of desired payment transactions must not be restricted or otherwise prohibited by all applicable anti money laundering laws and regulations.


  • Privacy Policy: All information (e-mail, account numbers, etc) provided by the client in transaction is confidential and should not be disclosed to third parties, except in the following situations: at the request of law enforcement authorities, by court order, at the request of the Administration of one of the payment systems.